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Welcome to the Netherlands!

This is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands.

Welcome to the Netherlands!

This is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands.
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Commemoration in the living rooms of the Jaarbeurs

On 24 February 2023, one year of the invasion in Ukraine was remembered at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Last year, the Jaarbeurs became for many Ukrainians the final point of their flee and the beginning of a life in the Netherlands. Last Friday, this place was again the point where Ukrainians and Dutch came together.

Important change of Temporary Protection Directive for non-Ukrainian refugees

As of 19 July, refugees from Ukraine without the Ukrainian nationality, who had a temporary residence permit there, are no longer covered by the Temporary Protection Directive. This means that they are no longer entitled to municipal reception, education and medical care.

Refugees without Ukrainian citizenship allowed to stay 6 months longer

Refugees from Ukraine who do not have Ukrainian nationality are entitled to Temporary Protection in the Netherlands until 4 September 2023. Initially, they were to receive Temporary Protection until 4 March, but this was extended by 6 months.

Changes to the living allowance as of 1 February 2023

The Dutch government has made changes to the Regulations for the Reception of Displaced Persons Ukraine (RooO). To make the RooO more compatible with the living allowance schemes for other groups in the Netherlands, the Dutch government, together with the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), evaluated and adjusted the RooO. In this article you will read about the precise changes in living allowance for refugees from Ukraine.

This is what changes for refugees without Ukrainian citizenship

The Temporary Protection Directive (RTB) has been extended by 6 months for refugees without Ukrainian citizenship. Do you belong to that group? Below you can read what this means for you.

App Can't Wait to Learn provides emergency education

The app Can't Wait to Learn allows Ukrainian children to continue learning wherever they are. If going to school is currently not possible, the app Can't Wait to Learn offers a solution. 

More opportunities to open a Dutch payment account

Anyone who does not yet have a Dutch checking account will have more opportunities to open one starting Monday, Oct. 3. From then on, four additional types of identity documents will be accepted.