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Are you looking for a doctor, dentist, psychologist or other medical care? The Netherlands offers a variety of options in the field of health care and health insurance, with support from the government, private or via humanitarian organisations.

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Last updated: Monday, August 8, 2022

Are you looking for information on healthcare in the Netherlands? The following organisations and websites provide information catered to refugees.

ForRefugees (Dutch Council for Refugees)

The Dutch Refugee Council supports refugees and asylum seekers from the moment they arrive in the Netherlands until they have found their way independently. The website provides information and explanations about health care in general - general practitioner, dentist and specialist care - and how the health care system works in the Netherlands, with the compulsory health insurance, the excess and the health care benefit.


Zorgwijzer is an information and comparison website for health insurance policies. They made a clear overview of how medical care for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands is arranged. Please mind that all information on the website in Dutch, but includes a link to an English comparison page.

GGD (Municipal Health Service)

The GGD has the task of monitoring and promoting the health of people in the Netherlands. For refugees this means that the GGD informs you about corona, care for children and youngsters, possible infections or diseases and psychosocial help. You can find your local GGD via the link.

GPinfo (General practitioner information)

This website provides practical information about the Dutch healthcare system. There is also a lot of information on various ailments/diseases and what you can/should do about them.

Diabetes care

On the Diabetes+ website you can find an overview of available type 1 diabetes care in the Netherlands.

Permission to see patient records

Sometimes a health care provider needs certain medical information from you, for example if you go to another GP or because you need urgent care. But also if you visit another pharmacy. By giving permission, healthcare providers can quickly and securely request the most important data digitally. The website volgjezorg.nl provides information about giving permission to a care provider to view your patient file.

Medicine texts in Ukrainian

Do you have questions about medicines and do you want to read the most important information in Ukrainian? Then click on the link below. On this website, the most important information about different types of medicines has been translated into Ukrainian.


Pharos aims to reduce health inequalities. They provide information to refugees from Ukraine about health care in the Netherlands.