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Are you looking for a doctor, dentist, psychologist or other medical care? The Netherlands offers a variety of options in the field of health care and health insurance, with support from the government, private or via humanitarian organisations.

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Last updated: Monday, August 8, 2022

Would you like to go to the dentist or do you need other oral care? If you need help, go to the service desk of your municipality, they can refer you to a practitioner. A number of important issues are listed below.

Dental costs under the RMO

As of 1 July 2022, the Medical Care for Displaced Persons Regulation (RMO) will apply to refugees from Ukraine who are registered in the BRP and have a BSN. The RMO reimburses all health care costs within the basic package ('basispakket'). More information about the RMO can be found on the page Health insurace.

Emergency dental care

In case of emergencies, you can usually go to any dental clinic in the Netherlands. Refugees from Ukraine who are registered in the BRP and have a BSN are covered by the Regeling Medische zorg Ontheemden (RMO). The RMO reimburses, in the case of oral care for acute pain, up to €250. For more information about the RMO, go to the page Health insurance.


In principle, the orthodontist will not be reimbursed. The 16 orthodontic practices of TopOrtho in the Netherlands offer orthodontic emergency care up to €250 free of charge to refugees. Click here for more information or contact.