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Are you looking for a doctor, dentist, psychologist or other medical care? The Netherlands offers a variety of options in the field of health care and health insurance, with support from the government, private or via humanitarian organisations.

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Last updated: Friday, August 19, 2022

Pregnancy and childbirth in the Netherlands

You will find all the information you need about your pregnancy and childbirth in the Netherlands in a special information booklet. It includes information about check-ups during pregnancy and what you can discuss with the midwife or obstetrician. You can also find out more about your health and tests during your pregnancy. The booklet was developed by the College Perinatale Zorg (CPZ) and is available in Ukrainian and Dutch. You can download the information booklet here.

Obstetric Care

The care of an expecting mother and her child is mainly provided by an obstetrician (midwife). Obstetric care is the care before, during and after the birth. In the Netherlands, there are many independent obstetricians with whom you can make an appointment. This care is reimbursed from the basic health insurance package. If there is a medical reason, the midwife will refer the expectant mother to a gynaecologist in the hospital.

Unintended or unwanted pregnancy

Fiom offers specialist help with unintended or unwanted pregnancies. Do you personally have to deal with this? They not only provide you with information on their website, but also offer online counselling, or you can make an appointment for a personal consultation. The leaflet "I'm pregnant, what should I do?" provides detailed information about unintended and unwanted pregnancies. A version in Ukrainian will follow. You can call +31 88 126 4900 or email info@fiom.nl.

Sexual health & contraception

Want to know more about sexual health? Zanzu offers a textual and image-based guide on all topics related to sexuality and sexual health. Want to know more about contraception and preventing pregnancy? Check out the brochure of Rutgers knowledge centre in Ukrainian and Dutch.

Free online support for pregnant women

Would you like to learn about Dutch birth care? And meet other pregnant Ukrainians? Starting in July, CenteringZorg organizes free online support for pregnant women who fled Ukraine. The support takes place in groups and in your own language. Want to sign up? Go to the website of CenteringZorg below.

Soa Aids Nederland (STI AIDS The Netherlands)

On soaaids.nl you can find information about sexual health, HIV and STIs. You can find out how you can get tested for HIV and STIs in the Netherlands and where you can get help and support for the prevention or treatment of HIV and STIs. soaaids.nl is available in three languages: Dutch, English and Ukrainian.


Sense.info answers all your questions about sex. Especially if you are between 12 and 25 years old, this site may be useful for you to look at. The site contains information about love, relationships, your body, sex, the first time, the pill, the condom, STDs, contraceptives and indicating your limits. The site is available in Dutch and English.

Man tot Man (Man to Man)

The website Man tot Man offers all the information needed for gay men to have a healthy sex life. Here you can find all the information about STI and HIV testing, how to protect yourself against STI's and also tips for better sex. Man tot Man is available in Dutch, English and Ukrainian.

Sex work

Sex work is a legal profession in the Netherlands. Sex workers, however, need to do their work under safe and free circumstances. The website sekswerk.info explains how to do this in a safe and healthy way. Do you do sex work and are you in an unsafe situation? See which organisation can help you on our page Safety.

Help with breastfeeding

Are you breastfeeding or want to breastfeed and looking for help? A specialist from the Dutch Association of Lactation Experts is ready to help. Also if you have questions about breastfeeding or want to be well prepared. You can find a specialist in your neighbourhood via the map on the NVL website. The website is only available in Dutch. How it works:

  1. Enter your place of residence (the map defaults to Utrecht)

  2. You can now click on the arrows in the map. The information appears above the arrows.

  3. You can also filter on a category.

You can also make an appointment at a consultation centre in your area.