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Are you looking for a doctor, dentist, psychologist or other medical care? The Netherlands offers a variety of options in the field of health care and health insurance, with support from the government, private or via humanitarian organisations.

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Last updated: Friday, August 12, 2022

Here you will find information for refugees with special care needs.

Refugees with special care needs

Do you have health care needs that require a longer-term stay in an institution (for example people with physical disabilities)? And can this type of care not be paid for by your municipality or through a subsidy programm? In that case you can apply for the Regeling Medische zorg Asielzoekers (Regulation Medical Care for Asylum Seekers, RMA). A Parliamentary Letter of April 1 2022 shows that the RMA has been made to include refugees from Ukraine concerning long-term care (Wlz-zorg). When it comes to other types of medical care, like dental care and abortion, the government is currently considering different options. More information can be found in theParliamentary Letter from March 17 2022.

Medical devices

Do you need medical aids for treatment, nursing, rehabilitation or care? They will be reimbursed from the basic health insurance package (see link below). Simple walking aids, such as crutches or a rollator, are not reimbursed, neither for Dutch residents nor refugees.

Do you need permanent aids, such as a wheelchair, for example because of a disability? Then you will usually receive these from your municipality. You can contact the Wmo-loket of the municipality you are residing in. You can also buy or rent a walker yourself, for example via the thuiszorgwinkel. On Marktplaats you can also find cheap second-hand wheelchairs or walker.