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Do you have questions about (finding) shelter or permanent housing? On this page, you will find information on what to do if you are looking for a place to live in the Netherlands.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Do you have questions about your pet or is there an animal in need? These are the guidelines and rules in the Netherlands regarding pets (from abroad) and the organizations that can offer assistance.

What to do on arrival in the Netherlands

It is important that you take your pet to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible after arrival. This visit is free at many (but not all) veterinary practices and the animal will receive a general examination, necessary vaccinations, microchipping and registration if necessary. Before visiting the veterinarian, make sure the animal has as little contact as possible with other people and animals. The veterinarian will register the pet at the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). Call 088-8113333 or email info@hulpvoordierenuitoekraine.nl for more information about a free veterinary clinic visit.

Quarantine is not required for pets from Ukraine.

Please note that in most cases you have to pay a dog tax in the Netherlands. It depends on the municipality in which you live. In some municipalities you do not have to pay this tax. The amount of the tax varies per municipality and is approximately € 60 - 150 per year. This amount is also dependent on the number of dogs. The tax is higher if you have more dogs.

You can find more information about helping animals from Ukraine on this website or by calling +31 88-8113333.

Can my pet come with me to a shelter location?

Do you want to take your pet to a shelter or refuge? Help for animals from Ukraine" helps you and your pet to find a suitable place. This can be done at shelters or free shelters where you and your pet can stay. You are not supposed to bring your pet to a random shelter. Register on the website first. On the website of Help for Animals from Ukraine under the heading 'shelter' you will find several application forms. You need to fill in one form per pet.

NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority)

The NVWA is the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority; the body to which all pets (from abroad) must be registered. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority checks for the rabies virus together with vets.

Hulp voor dieren uit Oekraïne (Help for animals from Ukraine)

Did you and your pet(s) flee from Ukraine to the Netherlands? Help for Animals from Ukraine can help you. For example to find addresses of veterinarians, for vaccinations or (free) medical help and explanation of rules and laws. They also provide you with information about shelter locations where you are allowed to stay with your pet. On the website you can find more information and also an application form for pets at the shelter. For direct contact, call 088-8113333 or email info@hulpvoordierenuitoekraine.nl.

Animal police and ambulance

Do you see an animal in need? And is help necessary? Call the national emergency number 144 immediately.

The national number for the animal ambulance is 0900-0245.

Raad van Beheer (Management Board)

The Raad van Beheer has expertise in the registration of purebred dogs and can assist with advice, vaccinations and registration. For more information please contact info@raadvanbeheer.nl or +31203053797.


On this platform, refugees from Ukraine can place a help request in the animal category, after which they are actively matched with the community of 170,000 volunteers.

Netherlands for Ukraine

Matches volunteers with refugees looking for help with arranging shelter, transportation, pets or care. Contact Netherlands for Ukraine via WhatsApp or the online form.

Dierenambulance Amsterdam (Animal ambulance Amsterdam)

The Amsterdam Animal Ambulance coordinates assistance to animals from Ukraine in Amsterdam-Amstelland. They can schedule appointments for a free vet check and can arrange transportation. Call for questions, more information or an appointment: 020-6262121.

Rabies in pets

Did you come from Ukraine with a pet(s)? Take them to a vet for a rabies vaccination. The rabies virus is a deadly disease for humans and animals. The disease occurs in Ukraine, so pets may be infected. To keep the chance of rabies in the Netherlands as small as possible, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority checks for the rabies virus together with veterinarians. Would you like to know more? The NVWA has produced a flyer that explains exactly what you need to arrange. The flyer is available in Dutch, English and Russian.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a health insurance policy for your pet. You can insure your pet for a certain amount per month. This means your pet is covered for care without receiving a high bill from the vet.

Petplan and Ohra are reliable insurers with a wide range of coverage.

Veterinary medicine in the Netherlands is of a high standard and more and more is possible, including for pets. More advanced possibilities also mean a higher price tag. A good example is cancer medicine. A number of insurers now also cover the high cost of advanced cancer treatments.

The cost of a pet insurance policy depends on a number of factors:

  • The age of the pet

  • The age of the animal at the time the insurance is issued

  • The breed and weight

  • The insurance company

The younger the pet is at the time you get the insurance, the cheaper the insurance will be.