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Staying connected in the Netherlands is easy! These mobile phone networks, mobile providers, (free) wifi and internet providers can help you out.

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Last updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Telecom providers

Various telecom companies do not charge for calling and texting to and from Ukraine. Below is an overview per phone provider.

  • With T-Mobile (which includes both Ben and Tele2) you can make and receive calls for free at least until July 2022.

  • Via VodafoneZiggo you can make and receive free calls at least until June.

  • KPN (including XS4ALL and Simyo) is also making calls from and to Ukraine free of charge until a date that is yet to be determined.

  • Free SIM cards of Lebara are available at petrol stations and independent telecom shops.

Other telecom providers include:

  • KPN

  • Vodafone

  • T-Mobile

  • Tele2

  • Expat mobiel

  • Youfone

  • Simpel

On the website of Expatica you can find an overview of Dutch SIM cards and where to get them.

Charging your phone

The Dutch electricity network operates on 230 volts. Plug connections are the same as in Ukraine.

Wifi & Internet

The coverage of the mobile networks in the Netherlands is generally good, especially in the urban areas. Libraries, cafés and restaurants, branches of McDonald's and Starbucks and many others throughout the country offer free wifi. At the larger train stations you can use free wifi hotspots of KPN. Please note that these networks are unsecured. It is advisable to use a VPN connection on these open WiFi networks.

Second-hand phones

Are you looking for a secondhand or refurbished mobile phone? For refurbished phones, there are a number of reliable outlets with the Refurbished Hallmark, such as Leapp, Renewd, or iUsed. For secondhand phones, you can visit, for example, Marktplaats or Facebook Marketplace. There is no quality label for these.

Watch Ukraina 24 from the Netherlands

Do you want to stay informed of the Ukrainian news while you are staying in The Netherlands? It is temporarily possible to watch the news channel Channel 24 through Ziggo on channel 502, regardless of the TV package. Visit the website for more information.

Nickelodeon Ukraine

As of 1 June, Nickelodeon Ukraine can be seen on channel 313 in all Ziggo tv-packages. This channel broadcasts non-stop programs for children of all ages. Visit the website for more information (only in Dutch).