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Don't feel safe? In the Netherlands there are a number of organizations where you can go. Do not hesitate and contact them.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2022


CoMensha, the national Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking, mediates for victims to shelter and assistance and offers information and advice. For more information, call 033 448 1186 (available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 17:00) or info@comensha.nl.

Safe on the run

This flyer from CoMensha gives some tips on how to be safe on the run. The flyer contains information on recognising the risks of exploitation and human trafficking. The European Commission has also made videos about recognising these risks. These videos are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.


La Strada International is a European platform for organizations outside the Netherlands that provide assistance to victims of human trafficking.

Assistance and aid for victims of human trafficing and prostitution

Scarlet Cord provides assistance and aid to prostitutes, victims of human trafficking and girls who are dealing with loverboys.

Ensuring safety in cabs

Keep your family and friends well informed of your current location when using cabs or minivans owned by private individuals. If you do not trust the situation, exit the vehicle if possible and contact your friends, family or the police. Preferably use public transport.