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Reunion with family members from Ukraine

Last updated: 10/24/2023, 12:58 PM
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Family members of people with Temporary Protection may also be eligible for Temporary Protection in the Netherlands. This is possible even if family members are not entitled to Temporary Protection independently.

These family members have a chance at Temporary Protection

If you have Temporary Protection in the Netherlands, you can apply for it for the following family members:

  • A spouse or unmarried partner with whom a long-term relationship was maintained.

  • Minor, unmarried children (born within or outside of marriage or adopted).

  • Other close relatives who lived with you and are wholly or largely dependent on you.

Please note: your family members are only eligible for Temporary Protection in the Netherlands if you have Temporary Protection. You must also have been living with the family member in Ukraine at the time the war broke out - or from 27 November 2021 until departure.

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