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Legal aid in the Netherlands

Last updated: 10/24/2023, 12:58 PM
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In most cases you do not need a lawyer in the Netherlands. Going to court is usually the last solution to a legal problem.

Het Juridisch Loket

If you have any legal questions or need legal support, you can contact 'Het Juridisch Loket'. They provide free legal advice and can refer you to a lawyer or mediator if necessary. 'Het Juridisch Loket' provides free basic legal advice on:

  • Residence law

  • Work

  • Dismissal

  • Entitlement to benefits

  • Immigration law

  • Housing

You can get legal advice during the walk-in consultation hour, or by phone (0800-8020, this is free) or by email, and possibly an appointment. Advice is available in both Dutch and English.

A pro bono lawyer

A pro bono lawyer is a lawyer who assists you but is paid (in part) by the Dutch government. A pro bono lawyer has had the same training as any other lawyer and is therefore just as good. You are not always entitled to a pro bono lawyer. It depends on your income and assets and is assessed by the Legal Aid Board. If you are entitled to a pro bono lawyer, you get what is called a supplement. You pay a small contribution and the rest is paid by the government. The amount of your own contribution depends on your case.

Legal aid for children
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