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This is what you need to arrange if you rent a house

Last updated: 3/16/2023, 1:26 PM

If you rent a house in the Netherlands, you have to arrange a number of things. Here you will find information about living allowance, insurance, passing on your address to the municipality and rent allowance.

Cost of renting

Keep in mind that renting a property costs more than just the rent. Living in the Netherlands is currently very expensive. Before renting, list your monthly income and expenses carefully. This way, you can avoid unexpected bills and know exactly what you will have left each month. Think about the costs of gas, water and electricity, for example; municipal taxes; insurance; and groceries.

attention: As a refugee from Ukraine, you will receive living allowance when you stay at a shelter location, both in the municipal shelter and in the private shelter. If you rent your own independent accommodation, you are no longer entitled to living allowance.

Communicating a change of address to the municipality

You are required to register in the municipality where you will be living. Have you found another house within the municipality in which you already live? In that case you also have to inform the municipality that your address has changed. The municipality will update your details in the Dutch population register (BRP).

If you do not have a residential address of your own where you can register, the municipality must register you at a postal address (mailing address). This is an address where the government can reach someone without a residential address. For example, this could be the address of the municipal office. Please contact your municipality to find out what the options are.

Insurance for a rental home
Apply for rent allowance
Taking into account high costs