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Betaalrekening openen via de computer

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Open a payment account

Last updated: 5/30/2023, 1:04 PM
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If you fall under the Temporary Protection, you can open a checking account. Here you will find information on how to open a Dutch checking account.

Payment accounts for refugees from Ukraine

You can open a bank account by presenting a Ukrainian biometric passport or ID card. It is also possible to open a payment account with a different proof of identity. You can read more about this in the subcategory opening a payment account with a different proof of identity.

Conditions for opening a bank account.

For almost all banks, you need a citizen service number (BSN). You also need an address, telephone number and email address. With a payment account comes an IBAN, a debit card and the ability to arrange (international) banking through internet banking. Through the website of Betaalvereniging Nederland you can see which banks offer this and what the conditions are. The rules and guidelines for providing payment accounts have been temporarily eased for refugees from Ukraine.

Payment account providers
Payment account different ID
Transferring money abroad
Exchanging money
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