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This is how healthcare works

Last updated: 3/23/2023, 4:02 PM

Here you will find the most important information about healthcare in the Netherlands for refugees from Ukraine.

This is how healthcare works in the Netherlands

If you would like to know how healthcare works in the Netherlands, check out the information sheet in Ukrainian below.

You can also watch five short videos from Rijnmondveilig about general practitioner care, dental care and more. These videos are collected in a convenient playlist and are in Ukrainian. The videos can be viewed with Ukrainian subtitles or with Dutch subtitles.

Dutch healthcare system

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How does healthcare work in the Netherlands

Free interpreters at healthcare facilities

If you have an appointment at the doctorundefineds office, the doctor can use an interpreter service without any charge. An interpreter helps you to communicate better with your healthcare provider. Always indicate in advance if you want to use an interpreter.

The doctor can hire the interpreter through Bureau Acolad or Global Talk. Indicate that you need an interpreter when you make the appointment. The doctor will then make the appointment with the interpreter. You do not have to do this yourself.

Important healthcare providers

The main healthcare providers you may have to deal with when you are sick are the general practitioner, the physical therapist and the pharmacy. Below you can read more information about these healthcare providers.

The general practitioner
The physical therapist