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Help in cases of violence and human trafficking
Last updated: 11/15/2023, 9:11 PM

If you are a victim of (sexual) violence or human trafficking and need immediate help, call 112. If there is no immediate danger, but you are not safe, there are organisations that can help you.

Domestic violence

If you do not feel safe with your host family or in the municipal reception centre or if you are a victim of domestic violence or you suspect (child) abuse in your environment, you can contact the following organisations:

Veilig Thuis
If you suspect (child) abuse in your environment, call 'Veilig Thuis' anonymously and free of charge at (0800) 20 00, or visit the website.
Blijf van mijn lijf
If you are a victim of domestic or relational violence, the 'Blijf van mijn Lijf' reception centre can help you. Call toll-free (0800) 01 17 or head to the website.
'Fier' is a national centre of expertise that can help in the area of violence in dependency relationships. Call (088) 208 00 00 toll-free or visit the website.

Sexual abuse and violence

If you or someone you know are a victim of sexual abuse please contact the following organisation:

Centrum Seksueel Geweld (sexual assault centre)
If you have (recently) suffered sexual abuse or violence and need help, call 'Centrum Seksueel Geweld' on (0800) 01 88 or visit the website.

Safety for LGBTIQ+ people

If you feel unsafe as an LGBTIQ+ individual, at 'COC Nederland' you will find all information on safety and help for LGBTIQ+ people. The COC is an advocacy organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people in the Netherlands.

The Sexual Assault Center may also be able to help you with this. Visit the website using the link above. Or call "Sexual Assault Center" on (0800) 01 88.

COC Nederland
Visit the 'COC Nederland' website.

Other important organisations that can help you

Besides the 'COC Nederland', there are many other important organisations that can help you if you are not safe because of your gender or sexual orientation. Below is an overview:

Roze in Blauw
Any police officer can file a report of an LGBTIQ+ related case or incident. However the 'Roze in Blauw' (Pink in Blue) department is there especially for these cases. Call (088) 169 12 34 or visit the website.
LGBT Asylum Support
'LGBT Asylum Support' is a non-governmental organisation. The aim of 'LGBT Asylum Support' is to provide support to LGBTIQ+ refugees in the Netherlands.
'Rainbow.whodis' provides LGBTIQ+ friendly emergency reception centre, particularly in Europe. Find more information on the website.

Human trafficking

If you or someone you know are a victim of human trafficking, for urgent assistance, call 112. If your situation is not urgent, but you do need police assistance, please call the police via (0900) 88 44.

You can also get help from the following organisations:

'CoMensha' supports victims of human trafficking in finding help and a place in a reception centre. The organisation also offers information and advice. Call (033) 448 11 86 or visit the website.
La Strada International
'La Strada International' is a European platform for organisations outside the Netherlands that provides assistance to victims of human trafficking.
Scharlaken Koord
'Scharlaken Koord' provides assistance to sex workers and victims of human trafficking.

Victim support

'Slachtofferhulp Nederland' offers emotional, practical and legal support to victims of violence and sexual abuse in the Netherlands.

Slachtofferhulp Nederland
Call 'Slachtofferhulp Nederland' on (0900) 01 01 or visit the website.

Safety in taxis

Keep family and friends well informed of your location when using cabs or minivans driven by private individuals. If you do not trust the situation, leave the car if possible and contact police, family or friends.

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