Train rides through Dutch landscape
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Public transport in the Netherlands
Last updated: 10/26/2023, 12:34 PM

Below is an overview of the most important information about travelling and transportation within the Netherlands.

Entering the Netherlands for free

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you may enter the Netherlands for free on

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Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Ns)
trains. You can do so by showing your Ukrainian ID and a German, Belgian, French or Austrian ticket that is not older than 24 hours. With this proof, you can pick up a free day ticket at the Tickets and Service counters at the (larger) train stations of NS.

You are no longer allowed to travel the Netherlands by other public transportation for free since June 1, 2022. You must purchase a valid ticket such as an OV-chip card to travel with public transportation.

Travelling with a valid ticket

In the Netherlands, you need an OV-chip card to travel on public transport. You can buy the OV-chip card at stations, in various stores and supermarkets as well as online. If you want to travel by train in the Netherlands, the

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offers various season tickets. They allow you to travel with a discount, for example. A train season ticket must be linked to your Ov-chip card. So even with a subscription you need an OV-chip card.

Assistance with public transportation

Travelling by public transport in the Netherlands can be difficult. The public transport ambassadors are here to help. These ambassadors are volunteers, seniors and experienced public transport users, who help others use public transport.

You can attend an online information session, visit a walk-in consultation or take a test trip. In a small group, an public transport ambassador will explain to you step by step how to apply for and use an OV-chip card in public transport, for example.

You can email or call 038-3037010. They can be reached Monday to Friday.

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