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Having your own car in the Netherlands

Last updated: 3/10/2023, 2:22 PM

On this page you will find information about owning your own car in the Netherlands. And information about driving a car.

Taking a Ukrainian car into the Netherlands

You may use a Ukrainian car in the Netherlands if you register it. You get an exemption from passenger car and motorcycle taxes. If you want to qualify for this scheme, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The motor vehicle is registered in the Ukrainian registration register.

  • You came to the Netherlands with that motor vehicle.

The measure is valid until 4 March 2024.

This may change because this is an exception to the normal rules. Normally, people have to pay two types of taxes:

  • Taxation of passenger cars or motorcycles (BPM)

  • Motor vehicle tax (MRB)

You can call the Dutch tax authorities to find out about this. The Dutch tax authorities will ask you for some information (BSN number, your address and vehicle information) and call you back when things are more clear.

The phone number of the Dutch customs tax service is: (0800) 01 43. You can call toll-free Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00.

Getting car insurance for your Ukrainian car

Regarding third-party insurance, some cars from Ukraine are insured only in Ukraine. If you came to the Netherlands with your own car, in that case you will have to take out additional insurance in the Netherlands. It is sometimes also possible to contact your own (or another) insurer in Ukraine. A number of Ukrainian insurers are still active. They may issue insurance with Europe-wide coverage and at a more affordable rate. Also, expiring insurance policies may still be able to be renewed

Driving a car with a Ukrainian driver's licence

Currently, you can drive a car in the Netherlands with a Ukrainian driverundefineds licence. Normally, after 185 days you have to obtain a Dutch driving licence from the Central Bureau of Driving Licences (CBR). On 7 July 2022, a proposal of the European Commission that called for people with Ukrainian driving licences, who are under Temporary Protection, to be allowed to keep their Ukrainian driving licences.

In addition, Ukrainian driving licences will be renewable. For this you have to contact the responsible, Ukrainian, authority yourself. People who have lost their Ukrainian driving licence can, after verification with the Ukrainian authorities, obtain a new European driving licence.

Please note:Ukrainian driving licences that expired before 2022 must be renewed by Ukrainian authorities. Ukrainian driving licences that expired in 2022 are considered by Ukraine (and therefore the EU) as still valid.

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