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  • Make an appointment at the IND to apply for and collect your proof of residence
The IND office building at 1 Gatwickstraat in Amsterdam.
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Make an appointment at the IND to apply for and collect your proof of residence
Last updated: 6/24/2024, 4:00 PM

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) investigates whether you meet the conditions for temporary protection in the Netherlands. Do you meet the conditions? Then you will receive a sticker or a pass as proof that you may stay in the Netherlands.

You make an appointment online with the IND to get proof of residence

To get proof of residence, you make your own appointment with the

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. You make this appointment at a special IND office at Gatwickstraat 1 in Amsterdam. During the appointment, the IND will check whether you are entitled to temporary protection and will give you your proof of residence. This is a sticker or a pass.

Do you have children aged 14 or older? Make an appointment for them too and take them with you to the IND. Children younger than 14 will not receive proof of residence because they are not required to carry proof of identity in the Netherlands.

Make an appointment online to pick up your proof of residence
On this page you can make an appointment to apply for and pick up your proof of residence at the IND.

Help or information for making an appointment
Cancelling your appointment

You go to the IND location yourself to pick up your proof of residence

You will travel yourself to the IND location on the agreed day. The IND does not reimburse the travel costs. In some cases, the municipality does reimburse travel costs. For more information, contact the municipality where you live.

You must pick up your proof and that of your children yourself. When making an appointment for a child under 18, a parent or legal representative must always accompany you. Someone else cannot pick up the proof of residence for you and your children. 

You will need this information during the appointment

During your appointment, you will need the following documents: 

  • A valid passport, identity card or declaration from the Ukrainian embassy. If you have children without proof of identity and they are not included in your passport, bring their certificate of birth with you.

  • Evidence showing when you left Ukraine and how long you have been in the Netherlands for. For example, a residence permit, visa or stamps in your passport. Flight, train or bus tickets to the Netherlands can also serve as proof. If you temporarily stayed in other countries after your departure from Ukraine before coming to the Netherlands, bring proof showing where you have been and during which period.

  • For non-Ukrainians: a Ukrainian residence permit that was valid on 23 February 2022

  • Your

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    citizen service number (BSN).
    Make sure you have been registered with the municipality for at least one week on the day you want to pick up your proof of residence.

  • Your appointment code. You will be sent the appointment code via email after you make the appointment. 

Has your proof of residence been lost or stolen? If so, bring the police report with you.

During the appointment you will fill out an asylum application

You must fill out 2 forms from the IND during your appointment at the pick-up location: 

  1. You fill out the asylum application. 

  2. You fill out a form stating whether you have ever committed a crime or offence. This is called a

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    background statement

Do you have children? Children older than 15 also fill out both forms. Children under 15 will appear on your asylum application form. If they are under 15 and over 12 do fill out a background statement. 

More information on asylum application for Ukrainians with temporary protection

You get a sticker or pass as proof of residence

As proof of residence in the Netherlands, you will get a sticker in your passport or on a separate piece of paper. You will receive the sticker immediately. 

Sometimes you get a pass (O-document). You can pick up the pass after 3 weeks at the location in Gatwickstraat 1, Amsterdam. You do not need to make an appointment for this. Is there also a pass made for your child(ren)? Then bring it with you to Amsterdam. You cannot collect the pass for your children, they must do this themselves. 

It makes no difference to your rights whether you get a sticker or pass. These are the same for everyone. Read when you get a sticker and when you get a pass.

You get a sticker in your passport
You get a pass
You get a sticker on a separate piece of paper
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