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Conditions of Temporary Protection Directive

Last updated: 11/17/2023, 9:14 AM
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If you have fled from Ukraine to the Netherlands, you probably fall under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD). This means you are entitled to a place in a reception centre and medical care in the Netherlands. Read here what the TPD is and what the conditions are for receiving temporary protection in the Netherlands.

What is the Temporary Protection Directive?

The Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) means you are allowed to stay in the Netherlands for a certain period of time. You are also entitled to certain provisions, such as: shelter, medical care and the right to work. Minor children also have the right to education.

How long does the TPD apply?

The Dutch government confirms that refugees from Ukraine with proof of residence from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will be allowed to stay in the Netherlands at least until 4 March 2025.

If you do not have Ukrainian citizenship or did not have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, different rules apply to you. The Dutch government indicates that the temporary protection ends on 4 September 2023. However, you can then use the Repatriation & Departure Service's remigration scheme or apply for asylum.

The terms of the Temporary Protection Directive

You fall under the Temporary Protection Directive:

  • If you travelled from Ukraine on or after 27 November 2021, and have Ukrainian citizenship.

  • If you can prove that you were already in the Netherlands before 27 November 2021, and not in another EU country and have Ukrainian citizenship.

  • If on 23 February 2022, you were a refugee recognised by Ukraine and therefore do not have Ukrainian citizenship.

  • If you had a valid, permanent Ukrainian residence permit on 23 February 2022, and you did not leave Ukraine by 27 November 2021, and did not return to your country of origin after 23 February 2022.

  • If you are a partner, minor child or dependent relative of covered persons.

If you were working in another EU country on 22 February 2022 on the basis of a temporary (work) visa, you do not fall under the Temporary Protection Directive. However, you can apply for asylum in the Netherlands.

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