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Source: RefugeeHelp

The asylum procedure if you fall under temporary protection

Last updated: 11/17/2023, 9:14 AM
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If you have received Ukrainian citizenship and proof of residence from the IND, you have also signed a form from the IND starting the asylum procedure. You do not have to do anything with this now. In this article you can read what this means for you.

There is an asylum procedure pending that is not being done now

During the appointment with the IND to pick up a proof of residence, you also signed a form whereby your asylum procedure starts. This procedure is immediately 'frozen'. This means that there is an asylum procedure in progress with which nothing is being done at the moment. This is because you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD).

The government makes a decision

The TPD states that the government may delay the asylum process until it ends. The TPD currently runs until 4 March 2025. After 4 March 2025, the TPD cannot be extended. What will happen then is not yet clear.

The country where you first apply for asylum is responsible for your asylum procedure

If you have proof of residence in the Netherlands, but have applied for asylum in another EU country, that other EU country is responsible for your asylum application. This is called the

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Dublin regulation
. The Dublin regulation is separate from the TPD. The asylum procedure can continue in the country where you applied for asylum. If you were granted temporary protection in the Netherlands, the Netherlands must also process your asylum application under the Dublin regulation. If you leave the Netherlands and apply for asylum in another European country, that country can return you to the Netherlands. The Netherlands must process your asylum application because you have (had) temporary protection here. However, it is possible to apply for TPD in the Netherlands and then travel on to another EU country to apply for TPD there.

Which countries participate in the Dublin regulation?

Asylum procedure without Ukrainian citizenship

If you do not have Ukrainian citizenship and your stay was extended until 4 September 2023, your protection has not stopped. You may still stay in the reception centre for refugees from Ukraine in the Netherlands until the Council of State issues a ruling. You may also continue to work until the Council of State issues a ruling. If you already have an asylum application pending, different rules apply.

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