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What you need to know when getting divorced in the Netherlands
Last updated: 3/12/2024, 10:07 AM

If you want to divorce your partner, it is possible to divorce in the Netherlands, but it depends on your personal situation. For example, you can divorce without your partner being in the Netherlands. Read here how divorce works.

Divorce in the Netherlands is always done with the help of a lawyer

You cannot just go to court to get a divorce yourself. If you want a divorce in the Netherlands, you need a lawyer. If you are not a Dutch citizen, you can ask for a lawyer who specialises in divorce and has knowledge of immigration law.

A lawyer must file for divorce with the court. If one of the partners does not want to get divorced, the judge decides the case. So, in the Netherlands, divorce is always a legal situation. Your lawyer will discuss with you what you need to arrange in your situation and how to do it. Do you have children younger than 18? Then you have to make arrangements about their care, for example.

A mediator can support you if you are arguing with your partner

Do you have a bad argument with your partner that makes it difficult to settle a divorce? Then you can also call in a mediator. A mediator is independent and supports you and your partner in making good agreements about your divorce.

Divorce costs money

It costs money to get divorced. Namely, you have to pay the lawyer and perhaps the mediator. The amount depends on your income and savings. The court, with the help of your lawyer, examines whether you can afford the divorce or whether you are entitled to financial support during the divorce.

Het Juridisch Loket or VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN) can support you

There are organisations that can help you with your divorce. You can find a lawyer or mediator yourself, or you can seek help from: 

  • Your contact at

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    can give you more information about divorce. And provide advice on your situation.

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    Het Juridisch Loket
    can also help. On their website you can find information about offices in your area. If you need an interpreter at an interview, you can also tell them.

Het Juridisch Loket
On the website of Het Juridisch Loket you can find an office in your area. You can go there with all your legal questions. When making an appointment, also let us know if you need an interpreter.

This is how you can get divorced in Ukraine if you live in the Netherlands

If you want to divorce your partner in Ukraine instead of in the Netherlands, ask a Ukrainian lawyer about the divorce options in Ukraine.

After your divorce in Ukraine, you must officially notify the Netherlands that you are divorced. This works as follows:

  1. Have your divorce document translated into Dutch, English, French or German. A

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    sworn translator
    must translate the document.

  2. Get your divorce documents legally approved at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They place a stamp on the translation. This is called an 'apostille'. You can have this done in Ukraine or online. If you do it online, you get an 'elektronische stempel' (electronic stamp).

  3. Send an email with your translated divorce document to You can also call the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you have any questions: +380 442 531 596.

  4. Notify the municipality where you live in the Netherlands that you are divorced. You will need the translated divorce document to do this. The municipality will update this in the

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    Dutch population register (BRP)

Divorce if you do not have Ukrainian citizenship
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