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What you can do (for free) in libraries in the Netherlands
Last updated: 2/8/2024, 2:24 PM

Every Dutch municipality has a library, a book point or a library bus. You can borrow books there, but there are often also free activities for adults and children. You can read more about them in this article.

There are activities for all ages at the library

You can walk into any of the libraries without an appointment. You can use the computers for free, read a magazine or newspaper and have a cup of coffee or tea. There are also workshops, courses, meetings. For example, language classes, digital skills learning, reading activities or music for children. These are activities for all ages. There is also a lot online. For example Ukrainian textbooks, audiobooks, colouring pages and more. It varies from library to library what is organised. Library staff can help you become a member and answer your questions.

Special page for Ukrainian children
A special page for Ukrainian children has been created on the jeugdbieb.nl website.
Picture books in Ukrainian
For smaller children, picture books can be listened to in Ukrainian.

Children can often join the library for free

Children can often join the library for free. As an adult, membership costs money. As a refugee from Ukraine, you can sometimes get a discount on your membership. This varies by municipality. Go to your local library with proof of identity and a staff member will help you arrange membership. You will get a card and with it you can borrow all kinds of books and other materials.

Finding a library in your community
On this page you can find a library near you. The website is only available in Dutch. Using the search bar you can enter the name of your town to find the location of the library.
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