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How to apply for a DigiD to handle your affairs in the Netherlands
Last updated: 2/28/2024, 1:14 PM

If you are under Temporary Protection in the Netherlands and have been given a BSN, you can apply for a DigiD. DigiD is a kind of online identity document that allows you to apply for benefits or file tax returns, for example.

A DigiD is your digital proof of identity

DigiD stands for digital identity. Everyone who conducts business online must have their own DigiD. As to safely arrange your affairs online, you must be able to verify yourself online. This way the government can see that you really do manage your own affairs. To use DigiD, you must create an account.

DigiD allows you to log in to various websites. Such as:

  • The municipality in which you live

  • The

    Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV)

  • The

    Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)

  • The Police, for example, if you want to file a police report

  • The

    Dutch tax authorities

  • Your health insurance company

  • the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)

Websites where you have to log in with DigiD can be recognised by the black-and-orange DigiD logo. This logo appears when you need to log in.

You need this information to apply for DigiD

You can only apply for DigiD if you have a

citizen service number (BSN)
. In addition, you will need the following information:

  • Your date of birth

  • Your postcode and house number

If you do not have a BSN yet, register as soon as possible with the municipality where you live. You will then be registered in the

Dutch population register (BRP)
. You can then arrange all sorts of things. For example, you can then open your own bank account in the Netherlands.

This is what you need to arrange if you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD)
On this page you can read about what you can do for yourself if you are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD).

How to create a DigiD

You only need to apply for a DigiD once. Follow these steps to apply for a DigiD:

  1. Go to www.digid.nl.

  2. Click on 'Apply or activate'.

  3. Click on 'DigiD application form'.

  4. Enter your citizen service number, date of birth, postcode and house number.

  5. Choose a username and password.

  6. Enter your mobile number and email address.

  7. Confirm your mobile number and email address with codes received via text message and email.

  8. Within 3 days you will receive a letter with an activation code in the post. You can use this code to activate your DigiD.

Your contact at

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (VWN)
or your social worker from another organisation can can you in applying for a DigiD.

This is how to activate your DigiD

If you have received the activation code in the post, make sure you activate your DigiD within 21 days. Otherwise, you will have to make another request. Follow these steps to activate your DigiD:

  1. Go to www.digid.nl and click on 'Apply or activate'.

  2. Click on 'Enter activation code'.

  3. Enter your username and password.

  4. Enter the code you received via text message.

  5. Enter the activation code you received in the post.

  6. Click 'Activate'.

Your DigiD is now active and you can safely log in to government websites. You can now use your DigiD on many different websites. Your contact person at VWN or social worker from another organisation can help you in activating your DigiD.

Your DigiD is private

Your DigiD consists of a username and password that you choose yourself. As government organisations have personal information about you, it is important to keep your username and password private and not share it with others.

If you want someone else to arrange things with the government on your behalf, you can authorise that person. Giving an authorisation means that that person gets permission to use their own DigiD to arrange things on your behalf. This way you keep your own data private and still get help from someone else.

How to use DigiD
This guide tells you how to create a DigiD.
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