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RefugeeHelp has been revamped

Published at: 3/21/2023, 11:14 AM
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Welcome to the new RefugeeHelp website! As of 15 March 2023, RefugeeHelp is a website for all refugees in the Netherlands. This means that from now on the website for people from Ukraine will also look different. In this post you will find a digital tour of the new website.

The same information

Now that RefugeeHelp is focusing on a larger target audience, this does not mean that you will find less good information on the website. The information on RefugeeHelp for refugees from Ukraine remains the same. Also, the information remains available in your own language.

For example, it remains possible to arrange an appointment with the IND via RefugeeHelp; see the locations of consultation hours; and arrange an appointment for an online consultation. RefugeeHelp will also continue to add new information and update the website.

New design

The website does look different as the design has changed. The main change is that you now have to choose your language and situation first. You are then taken to the section of the website for Ukrainian refugees. In the video below, a RefugeeHelp colleague, Jamal Statsenko, explains in Ukrainian how to use the new website.

Explaining the new website

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Your opinion counts for RefugeeHelp

We are developing RefugeeHelp together with people who have fled from Ukraine and other refugees. In recent months, we have spoken with more than 600 refugees, including more than 200 Ukrainians. Based on those conversations, RefugeeHelp has adapted the design of the website. For example, you indicated that you preferred a green website. You also indicated that you could not find everything easily. Hopefully you can now find the information better and you like the design!

We would still love to hear what you think. If you have any suggestion or feedback, you will soon be able to leave it again in the suggestion box on every RefugeeHelp theme page. Right now, we are processing all the feedback you have previously passed on.

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