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King's Day: party in orange

Published at: 4/19/2023, 11:24 AM
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The Netherlands celebrates King Willem-Alexander's birthday every year on 27 April. This national holiday is called Koningsdag (King's Day). Most people are off work then. You can read below how King's Day is celebrated.

King's Night

The night before Kingundefineds Day is known as Kingundefineds Night. Many people in the Netherlands go to the pub or a bar. Some pubs arrange a special programme with performances by DJs or artists.

King visits Rotterdam this year

Every year King Willem-Alexander visits a city or village in the Netherlands during Kingundefineds Day. He does so with his wife, Queen Máxima, daughters and other family members. This year on Thursday, 27 April 2023, they will go to the city of Rotterdam.

Residents of Rotterdam welcome the royal family. They show beautiful parts of the city and organise traditional Dutch games. The

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broadcasting organisation will broadcast this visit on television on NPO1.

King's Day in your place of residence

All over the Netherlands, people celebrate Kingundefineds Day. Games and concerts are organised in most villages and cities. Many people wear orange clothes because orange is the colour of the Dutch royal family. People also paint Dutch flags on their faces.

Selling or finding things at the free market

You may sell your old things on the street during Kingundefineds Day. Many people lay out a rug on which they sell old toys, old furniture or, for example, CDs or books. This is called a free market.

If you want to sell things yourself or look for things at the free market, find out where the free market is in your community. And how long in advance you may reserve a spot on the pavement to sell things.

Sale of alcohol

On Kingundefineds Day, the streets are often very crowded. Many people drink alcohol in public. This is not officially allowed everywhere. You can be fined by the police if you drink somewhere that is not allowed.

In some municipalities, supermarkets must follow strict sales rules for alcohol. Then, for example, they are only allowed to sell one can of beer or bottle of wine per person.

Good to know

There are a few more things to bear in mind on Kingundefineds Day. You can read more about them below:

Not everyone can have the time off work
Different times on public transport
Other store opening hours
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