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On this page you will find how to exchange money and open a bank account.

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Last updated: Friday, September 23, 2022

Below you will find a short summary of the most important information.

Currency exchange

From 15 June 2022 refugees with Ukrainian nationality can exchange up to 10,000 hryvnia in banknotes into euros (roughly EUR 310) free of charge. This can only be done once. They can do this at any GWK Travelex branch. This involves banknotes of UAH 100 or higher. For more information see the subcategory currency exchange.

Bank account

Many banks in the Netherlands allow refugees from Ukraine to open a payment account. For this you need a Ukrainian biometric passport or identity card and in most cases a citizen service number (BSN). Look under the heading Open a payment account at which bank you can open a payment account. Don't you have a Ukrainian biometric passport or identity card? Under the subcategory Payment account for Ukrainians without valid ID you will find information on how to open a bank account in this case.


In some cases it is obligatory to take out insurance in the Netherlands. If you stay with a host family, you will usually be covered by their liability insurance. Are you staying at a shelter? In this case, the municipality of the shelter takes care of the necessary insurances. In this case, however, there are certain compulsory risks. If you start working, you will also have to take out health insurance. Under the subcategory insurance you will find the most relevant information about insurance in the Netherlands.

Living allowance

Refugees from Ukraine receive living allowance from the Dutch government. Adults and children receive €260 per month per person. Refugees who live with a host family receive an extra allowance in addition to the living allowance. Adults receive €215 per month, children €55. When a refugee has income from work, the living allowance is stopped. Family members who are not working will still receive living allowance. You can find more information about how to receive living allowance under the subcategory living allowance.

Assistance with benefits applications

Do you have questions about taxes, benefits or allowances? Or a problem related to housing, education or work? Social counselors know where you are entitled to. And with what organisation you should arrange things. You can make an appointment with the social counselors of the municipality. You get free advice and help.

Check your municipality's website to see if you can make an appointment with the social counselors. You can also contact the municipality by phone.