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Do you have questions about travelling within the Netherlands or Europe? On this page you will find information about travelling to the Netherlands, the public transport system within the Netherlands, cars and help with returning to your own country.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Unfortunately, on this platform, we cannot provide any information on fleeing routes or the situation at the different borders. Do you want to come to the Netherlands? These organisations can help you travel from Ukraine to the Netherlands.

Travelling within Europe from the Netherlands

There are several ways to travel from the Netherlands to other European cities. For this you have to buy your own ticket. You can travel by plane, train, bus and your own transport. International trains work with reserved seats. Order and pay for your ticket via the NS International website or at the service shops at international train stations.

If you want to travel by bus, check out Flixbus. You always need a valid ticket when travelling abroad.

Travel via Romania (Dopomoha)

If you want to flee Ukraine via the Romanian border, the online platform Dopomoha provides information on how to cross the border into Romania and how to apply for asylum there, if desired. The platform was established in cooperation with the refugee organisation of the United Nations.

Travel via Poland

In the Facebook group ‘Oekraïne vluchtelingen NL’ several people offer to transport refugees from Ukraine from Poland to the Netherlands free of charge.

Special cargo and passenger transport (Fast Lane Ukraine)

Fast Lane Ukraine organises special transports of urgently required supplies to Poland and the Ukrainian border. On the way back, they offer transport to refugees who need extra attention (because of a pregnancy, babies, medical conditions, etc.).

Overview of free transport options in Europe (Trainline)

On the trainline website, you will find an overview of train and bus companies and airlines that offer free transportation from Ukraine across Europe. In many European countries, your Id card or passport acts as the ticket for the train or bus. Talk to a staff member at a bus or train station for the most current information.

Flying in Europe

Transavia is temporarily offering a special one-way fare from Eindhoven to Krakow and vice versa. A flight ticket costs €40 and can be bought via the website of Transavia. W!zzAir offers free flight tickets from neighbouring countries of Ukraine (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) to the United Kingdom. These are one-way tickets and there may be additional costs. More information can be found on the website of W!zzAir.


FlixBus is a cheap way to travel through Europe. You can travel with FlixBus from Ukraine to the Netherlands and vice versa.

Safe on the run

This flyer from CoMensha gives some tips on how to be safe on the run. The flyer contains information on recognising the risks of exploitation and human trafficking. The European Commission has also made videos about recognising these risks. These videos are available in English, Ukrainian en Russian.