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Leaving the Netherlands temporarily

Last updated: 5/30/2023, 12:29 PM
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It is possible to leave the Netherlands temporarily. If you want to leave the Netherlands temporarily, you must inform the municipality in which you reside in advance.

Report your departure to the municipality

When doing so, indicate not only that you are leaving temporarily, but also how long you will be gone. To keep the provisions from the Regulations for the Reception of Displaced Persons Ukraine (RooO), you may be gone for a maximum of 28 days. If you are gone for more than 28 days, the municipality can stop the provisions.

Departure not reported

If you have not reported your temporary departure to the municipality, this is considered an unannounced departure. In this case, the municipality can stop your right to a place in a reception centre, living allowance and other provisions from the RooO. This happens from the date it is established that you left unannounced.

Returning to the Netherlands

When you return to the Netherlands, you must report this to the municipality or the municipal reception centre where you are staying. If you fail to report your departure or if you were away for more than 28 days and lost your place in a reception centre and living allowance as a result, an assessment first needs to be performed to check whether you still comply with the applicable rules at the time of your return. If you do, you will again be entitled to a place in a reception centre and the other provisions, such as the living allowance.

Please note: If you are deregistered from the BRP, you must register again.

Please note: If you are away from the municipal reception centre for more than 14 days, the place in the reception centre may be given to someone else. If you return, it is possible that you will be given another place in another reception centre or municipality.

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