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Leaving the Netherlands temporarily

Last updated: 12/15/2023, 2:49 PM
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It is possible to leave the Netherlands temporarily. For example, to go on holiday. If you want to leave the Netherlands temporarily, you must announce this in advance to the municipality where you are staying.

Travelling during your first 90 days in the Netherlands

Ukrainians with biometric passports can travel freely to the Netherlands and stay in the Netherlands for 90 days without a residence permit. This is called the free period. Travelling to other EU countries is possible if you are still in your free term. You may then stay in the European Union for a maximum of 90 days within a period of 180 days. It is then possible, for example, to seek protection in another EU country. If your free term has expired and do you not yet have proof of residence, you may travel and return to the Netherlands, but this is at your own risk. The IND will not grant you a visa to travel back to the Netherlands.

Travelling after your first 90 days in the Netherlands

To be able to travel after your free term, you need a Ukrainian biometric passport and proof of residence in the Netherlands. A non-biometric (Ukrainian) passport does not count as a travel document. If you have a valid biometric passport with proof of residence, you may travel as a Ukrainian within the European Union. You may also travel back and forth to Ukraine.

Once your free term has expired and if you do not yet have proof of residence, you may then travel and return to the Netherlands. However, this is at your own risk and the IND will not give you a visa to travel back to the Netherlands. You do not lose your right to Temporary Protection if you travel without proof of residence. You keep Temporary Protection here as long as you do not apply for it in another country or sign a form withdrawing an asylum application. Do not deregister from the BRP either.

Please note: The IND will send a letter with information about the extension of your sticker. This letter, together with the sticker, serves as proof that your stay has been extended. This letter from the IND is sent to the address at which you are registered with the municipality (BRP). The letter from the IND stating that your stay has been extended and your old sticker together serve as proof that you are allowed to stay. You will not receive a new sticker, but rather a letter. 

This is what you need to arrange when you go abroad

If you travel abroad, make sure you get permission from the RMO. This is important if you incur unexpected healthcare costs abroad. This is because in most cases healthcare abroad is not reimbursed by the RMO. Unless you have received permission to travel abroad, or it is emergency care.

Report your departure to the municipality

Indicate not only that you are leaving temporarily, but also how long you will be gone. To keep the provisions of the Regulations for the Reception of Displaced Persons Ukraine (RooO), you may be away for a maximum of 28 days. If you are gone for more than 28 days, the municipality can stop your provisions, such as your place in a reception centre, your living allowance and your registration in the municipality.

If you are away for more than 14 days, you may lose your place in the municipal reception centre. The municipality will then give your place to someone else. Keep in mind that each municipality has different rules. Some municipalities allow you to be away for up to 14 days at a time. Always ask your municipality what the rules are.

If you have not reported your temporary departure to the municipality, this is considered an unannounced departure. In that case, the municipality can stop your right to a place in a reception centre, living allowance and other provisions from the RooO. This happens from the date it is established that you left unannounced.

You can get travel insurance in the Netherlands

If you are registered in the BRP and have health insurance, you can usually purchase travel insurance. Please note that the conditions for taking out travel insurance may vary from one insurance company to another. If you want to take out travel insurance, contact the insurance company of your choice for the specific conditions.

Returning to the Netherlands

When you return to the Netherlands, you must report this to the municipality or the municipal reception centre where you are staying. If you fail to report your departure or if you were away for more than 28 days and lost your place in a reception centre and your living allowance as a result, an assessment first needs to be performed to check whether you still comply with the applicable rules at the time of your return. If you do, you will again be entitled to a place in a reception centre and the other provisions, such as the living allowance.

Please note: If you are deregistered from the BRP, you need to register again. The municipality may terminate your facilities. Then there may no longer be a place in the municipality where you have been living. You will then be redirected to another municipality. You do not have to collect a new sticker from the IND if you still have your sticker.

Travelling outside the European Union

Travelling outside the EU is at your own risk. You will not get a return visa for this. Not even if you have proof of residence later on.

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