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Healthcare costs

Last updated: 5/30/2023, 1:58 PM
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You always get free necessary medical care in the Netherlands. Here's how it works.

Healthcare costs without a BSN

You always receive necessary medical care in the Netherlands. Without a BSN, you do not fall under the RMO. In that case, your healthcare costs will be reimbursed through the Central Administration Office (CAK). You do not have to do anything for this and you do not pay any healthcare premium or excess.

Healthcare costs before 1 July 2022

Supplementary insurance

You can get your own health insurance if you have work and an income. You will no longer be covered by the RMO and will have to pay monthly for health insurance.

If you buy your own health insurance, you can choose supplemental insurance. This is insurance for care that is not included in the basic insurance package (RMO). For example, for glasses or lenses or for more physiotherapy than the basic package covers.

Supplemental insurance is not required. If you need treatment that is not included in the RMO, you can ask the RMO whether an exception can be made for reimbursement. If you have your own health insurance, you can take out supplementary insurance. This can be done with the health insurance company where you already have insurance. You may also be entitled to care allowance. Contact your health insurance company for information about supplementary insurance and rates.

Healthcare benefit
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