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Train stopped at Dutch station.

This is what you need to do when arriving in the Netherlands

Last updated: 2/19/2024, 8:45 AM
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If you are new to the Netherlands, the Dutch government will make sure you are taken care of. There are currently two major registration locations.

Conditions of entry at the border of the Netherlands

Do you have a biometric Ukrainian passport? If so, you can enter the Netherlands freely and are probably entitled to reception through the Temporary Protection Directive. Ukrainians are not subject to entry rules or special conditions at the border of the Netherlands.

Have you fled Ukraine, but do not have Ukrainian citizenship or did not have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine? Then there may be conditions for entering the Netherlands. You may also be entitled to Temporary Protection in the Netherlands.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you must register in Utrecht

Are you new to the Netherlands? Then the Dutch government will make sure you are taken care of. To receive a place in a reception centre, you must go to an registration location. You can currently apply at one location:

  • Utrecht, Jaarbeurs, Hall 5 Open 24 hours a day all week. This is where you report for food, medical care and a referral to a reception location where there is space.

The registration centres below are currently full. You can no longer be accommodated here.

  • Eindhoven, Castiliëlaan

  • Amsterdam, Centraal Station

  • Rotterdam, Max Euwelaan

Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be accommodated within your preferred municipality. For example, because there are no reception centres available within that municipality.

If you can stay with friends or relatives, you can report to the municipality in which they live.

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