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Did you just arrive in the Netherlands and are you wondering how to navigate legal procedures? These resources can help you with topics like asylum procedures, requesting a visa, legal support and assistance in case you wish to return to your country of origin.

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Last updated: Friday, September 9, 2022

As of Monday, September 5th, you are temporarily unable to pick up a residence sticker at the IND. This is because the stickers are out of stock. The IND expects stickers to be available again as of mid-October. From mid-October appointments can also be made again with the IND appointment planner. If you do not currently have a proof of residence sticker, this will not affect your stay, shelter or opportunities to work in the Netherlands.

For more information, see ourlatest updates.

Pickup locations IND

For more information, see ourlatest updates.

Below is a list of current and scheduled pickup locations. This list is updated weekly.

  • Temporarily closed Den Bosch, south of the Netherlands

  • Temporarily closed Rijswijk, south-west of the Netherlands

  • Temporarily closed Assen, north of the Netherlands

  • Temporarily closed Nieuwegein, central region

  • Temporarily closed regio Amsterdam, noordelijke randstad

  • Temporarily closedDeventer, east of the Netherlands

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Do not travel to other regions

To prevent disappointment, it's important that you don't travel to a different region to collect your proof of residence. Only make an appointment in the region where you live. Is there no location in your region? Please wait until a location becomes available. The IND strives to offer every refugee the opportunity to collect their proof of residence before 1 september 2022.

Pick up your proof of residence

As of 4 July, the IND will start issuing the proof of residence to refugees from Ukraine who are registered in the BRP and fall under the Temporary Protection. This will be done step by step, which means that it will not be possible for everyone to pick up a certificate of residence immediately from July 4th. To make an appointment, go to the homepage of this website RefugeeHelp.

Types of proof

There are various forms of proof of residence:

  • Sticker in passport: All Ukrainian women and Ukrainian men aged 60 or over (on 24 February 2022) who have a passport, will receive a sticker in their passport.

  • Sticker on a separate paper: Ukrainian men under 60 years of age (on 24 February 2022), Ukrainians with an Id card or a statement from the Ukrainian Embassy, or persons with a passport that expires before 4 March 2023 or has already expired will receive a sticker on a separate paper. If you apply for a new passport, the separate paper remains valid.

  • Card: Persons without a passport, identity card or Ukrainian Embassy statement who are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive and Ukrainian children of 14 years and older without ID will be issued a pass. Please note that the pass does not allow for travel.

For more information, go to our information page about collecting your proof of residence.

Duration of stay

Refugees who have a certificate of residence may then stay in the Netherlands for the duration of the protection measure, for the moment one year until March 4, 2023. This may become a maximum of three years, so up to March 4, 2025. As long as refugees from Ukraine fall under the special rules, their asylum applications will not be processed any further. When the temporary protection ends, refugees can choose to continue their asylum application. In the meantime, they are entitled to shelter, work, care and education.