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Did you just arrive in the Netherlands and are you wondering how to navigate legal procedures? These resources can help you with topics like asylum procedures, requesting a visa, legal support and assistance in case you wish to return to your country of origin.

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Last updated: Thursday, January 5, 2023

Don't have proof of residency yet? Then make an appointment in the IND appointment planner. For more information, check out our latest updates.

Pickup locations IND

A new location will be open from 15 November 2022: Gatwickstraat 1, 1043GK Amsterdam. All other locations are closed.

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Types of proof

There are various forms of proof of residence:

  • Sticker in passport: Ukrainian women (all ages) as well as Ukrainian men (aged 60 years or older on Feb. 24, 2022) with passports will receive a sticker in their passports.

  • Sticker on a separate paper: Ukrainian men under 60 years of age (on 24 February 2022), Ukrainians with an Id card or a statement from the Ukrainian Embassy, or persons with a passport that expires before 4 March 2023 or has already expired will receive a sticker on a separate paper. If you apply for a new passport, the separate paper remains valid.

  • Card: Persons without a passport, identity card or Ukrainian Embassy statement who are covered by the Temporary Protection Directive and Ukrainian children of 14 years and older without Id will be issued a pass. Please note that the pass does not allow for travel.

Please note: do you already have a proof of residence? If so, do not make a new appointment to renew it. You will not receive a new sticker or pass if you already have one. The IND will send you a letter before 4 March 2023 explaining how the IND will extend your proof of residence.