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Do you have questions about work and income in the Netherlands? These resources will help you on your way.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Here you can find information about entrepreneurship and freelancing in the Netherlands.

Freelancers (self-employed without employees)

It is currently not possible for Ukrainian refugees to work as a zzp'er (self-employed person without personel) in the Netherlands, because the government wants to protect refugees from abuses, such as underpayment. This information can be found in the letter to parliament of 30 March. This information is only available in Dutch. It is possible that the government will change the rules for self-employed people in the future.


The website of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) provides information for refugees from Ukraine who would like to register at the KvK as entrepreneurs. Please note that you need a work permit for this and the conditions to obtain a permit are strict. For certain sectors, the UWV does not issue work permits at all. Examples are construction, catering, agriculture or personal services.