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This is what you should do if you have Temporary Protection

Last updated: 11/14/2023, 10:39 AM
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If you fall under the Temporary Protection Directive, you must register with the municipality. You must also collect proof of residence from the IND. On this page you can read what you need to arrange.

Step 1: Register in the Dutch population register (BRP)

It is important that you register in the Dutch population register (BRP). The BRP keeps track of your personal data. You register in the BRP at the municipality where you live. It is possible to register in this way for people who can prove with an identification document that they have Ukrainian citizenship. Undocumented Ukrainians first need to visit the Ukrainan embassy in The Hague.

Please note: You cannot register in the BRP if you have already done so in another EU country. You must deregister in the other country first before you can register in the Netherlands.

Exceptions to BRP registration

Step 2: You get a BSN number and DigiD

  • BSN number: The Dutch citizen service number (BSN) is a personal number for contact with the government. You get a BSN when you register in the BRP. You also need this, for example, when you go to work.

  • DigiD: When you have been given a BSN, you can apply for a DigiD. DigiD is a system that allows Dutch governments to verify someone's identity on the internet. You need this if you want to do online business with the government.

Step 3: You get a proof of residence from the IND

  • Sticker in passport: Ukrainian women (all ages) as well as Ukrainian men (aged 60 or older on 24 February 2022) with passports will receive a sticker in their passports.

  • Sticker on a loose piece of paper: Ukrainian men under the age of 60 (on 24 February 2022), Ukrainians with an identity card or declaration from the Ukrainian embassy, or people with a passport that expires before 4 March 2023 or has already expired will receive a sticker on a loose piece of paper. If you apply for a new passport, the piece of paper remains valid.

  • Card: People who do not have a passport, identity card or declaration from the Ukrainian embassy, but are covered by the temporary protection directive, and Ukrainian children who are 14 years of age or older without ID will receive a card. Please note: You cannot travel using this card.

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